Post Lockdown Changes

Since the relaxing of the lockdown the Church has seen a steady increase of worshipers including new faces which is marvelous in these challenging times. We offer a wide range of services, using modern technology. We are a forward looking Church, down to earth, very friendly worshiping in a modern building.

Ways to Donate

An update on our donation pages If you wish to support our Church and/or Community work please note we have 2 donation pages …The Church uses “Give a Little” the easiest method by clicking on the QR code on the Donate to Church page.The Community Centre is still via Pay

Thrift Shop Reopening


Gifts For Children

Gifts For Children

Over many years our church has always had a toy service on the first Sunday in Advent.This year we have not been able to have one due to the lockdown.However this year we have received and purchased many presents for all ages of children .Jane Armstrong and a dedicated group

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